Munimji ERP - Garment ERP Software

MunimJi ERP – Garment ERP software in India. We are India’s #1 garment manufacturing ERP software provider. We provide complete solution of Production and Accounting. We have over 25 years of expertise in this field. Some of our salient features are:

  1. Window based client and server application.
  2. Fully automated industrial work process.
  3. Robust, secure, user friendly and proper back up.
  4. Track of each and every process.
  5. Automatic order handling.
  6. Automatic raw material like fabric/yarn and accessories like boxes, plastic, elastic, label, sticker, zipper calculation.
  7. Detailed quality control features like automatic analysis of weightage variation in different stages of production like yarn – knitting, dying, cutting stage with variation analysis with standard cut – weight ratio, rejection, shortage, alteration data ready.
  8. Automatic packing list generation- based on order, link to inventory, export.
  9. Scanning feature for storing image of garment, fabric, documents.



Mrs. Saloni Chaudhary

Munimji ERP software is an amazing software which we are using at Shera Parivaar from the year 1998. The software is a real masterpiece...



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