Features of Munimji ERP: No. 1 Garment Manufacturing Software in India

Munimji ERP is now one of the top products of its ilk and this is because of the features that it offers. When you think of these the first one that comes to mind is that of manufacturing. The manufacturing module of the software helps you gain complete control of each and every step of the garment production process. This includes generating orders to the receipt of the final product. It covers the full cycle process starting from purchasing fabric and yarn to receiving the final product from the makers. It can create customized job work bills just as you need them to be.garment erp software

This particular system can also work as a multiple rate master.

The sales module

The sales module of Munimji seamlessly integrates and automates the total sales process. This improves your efficiency levels and speeds up the turnaround time. This in turn helps you increase your margins as well. The system features incorporated contact and task management as well and this is why it is the perfect option to help you move rapidly and efficiently through the sales period of your business processes. It can help you significantly in the following areas:

  • sales bill
  • MIS (marketing information system)
  • party-wise sales report
  • scheme fulfillment
  • agent-wise sales report
  • distribution management
  • item-wise sales report
  • transport delivery report
  • zone-wise sales analysis

The purchase module

The purchase management module would take care of every procedure that is included in the process of procuring raw materials and other items that are necessary for you to carry out your production. This particular module includes the following functions:

  • material receipt note
  • party-wise item reports
  • vendor and supplier listing
  • recording and receiving orders
  • sending order requests to vendors
  • tracking purchase items
  • updating stocks and preparing receipts
  • generating various types of purchase reports
  • MRN (material receipt note)
  • self-invoice GST (goods and services tax)
  • purchase order
  • party item reports

The inventory module

With the inventory management system of MunimjiERP you can organize the flow of stock and order and reject items if needed. It also helps you provide your staff with directions so that it can coordinate different parts of your business such as stock and godown management. It has other key features such as the following:

  • maintaining stock in terms of design, size, and color
  • godown stock trading
  • stock shifting
  • stocking raw materials
  • finished and semi-finished stock
  • stock statement
  • minimum stock alert


Apart from these modules, Munimji garment ERP software provides you with order, financials, taxation, and smart features modules. The order module helps you take, approve, and track orders, one of the most important areas of your business. When you use the product, you can keep your finance and accounting system in sync with real-time data that is always accurate. This is also a GST-ready product that we are talking about over here – one where you can generate invoices with ease, manage your accounts, and reconcile bank transactions. Munimji ERP also provides you with SMART SMS (short message service) that sends you messages at every step of shipment and production.

NOTE: When you think of garment ERP (enterprise resource planning software) in India the first name that comes to your mind is that of Munimji ERP. It is the top name among entire garment ERP software providers for companies that are in the business of making garments in India.

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