Benefits of Garment Inventory Software

Workforce management, procurement, customer experience, logistics and inventory management are the primary portions of the garment industry. Managing all of these processes is a challenge for a developing garment business. ERP software can quickly decrease the burden of business management by automating operations. Here are some of its advantages.

Smooth manufacturing facilities

The smooth management of raw materials is one of the biggest challenges faced by the garment industry. The raw materials quality received and the type of finished products increase the organisation’s brand value. ERP software can help with the administration and real-time information on multiple aspects of the manufacturing procedure, like dying, sewing, labelling, printing, and packaging, to ensure effective implementation and quality control.

Proper inventory management

ERP software can help companies manage inventory by sorting the product into colour, price, size, design and vendor categories by utilising an apparel matrix. It automates and takes all the stock activities, ensuring stakeholders get the best product at the right time. ERP software comes with an inventory management module that can help cloth manufacturers get optimal inventory levels and decrease waste production. It also improves the efficiency, quality, and processes of manufacturing.

Management of customer and supplier queries

ERP software can automate the inventory and production accounting process by improving the sales response and HR teams to consumer and supplier enquiries. It can also help synchronise the purchase orders, control inventory delivery times, monitor online purchases and evaluate the ultimate revenue by utilising margin rates.

Smooth management of receipts and payments

Multiple organisations need help managing many customers at a time. Working numerous orders at a time in many price ranges and creating receipts and bills for various items can make cost accounting a headache. An ERP software in the garment business can create a pricing list with particular discount systems and, track credit limits, revisions, bill changes and maintain the purchase and selling ledgers. Taxation reports can also be generated with the help of ERP software for better financial stability and payment communication.

Reduced costs

Planning for multiple activities ahead of time can save a lot of money for the business. ERP software can eliminate unnecessary charges in business processes decreasing human errors and risks by automating operations. Staff distribution, financial audits and inventory control can be standardised with ERP software and help businesses to cut down and track unnecessary costs.

These are some of the most pronounced benefits of ERP software for the garment industry that can handle all the core business operations, including order management, pricing, procurement production, warehouse management, supply chain management and financial processes.

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