Explore all-inclusive solutions with the Smart WhatsApp feature on MUNIMJI ERP

In the era of faster communication, instant response is the key to any business success. It is what helps with an effective workflow that ensures not only meeting clientele requirements but also maintaining productivity and business expansion. The manufacturing organizations, therefore, keep looking for ways for streamlining operations and enhancing their efficiency.

All of the abovesaid helps in improving the quality and lead time. But it does need better inventory management. So, understanding the use of a powerful app like WhatsApp, MunimJi ERP comes with the newly added Smart WhatsApp feature. The feature assures guaranteed communication and coordination at all departments and levels for all the clients.

With the Smart WhatsApp feature integration within the Garment ERP software, organizations will help receive-

  • No Manual Interference (Auto Whatsapp), which will lead to zero errors.
  • Accelerated performance
  • Communication with customers directly through verified WhatsApp
  • Resolving queries on a real-time basis
  • Better Sales Outstanding Control
  • Enhanced business outcomes
  • Goods movement tracking
  • Instant delivery of sales invoice
  • Better control with personalization
  • Easy GST Input/output Reconciliation
  • Modernized business in the economy which is conversation-driven
  • API access (bi-directional) in between ERP and the verified smart WhatsApp

A small feature can change a lot, and with the integration of WhatsApp with ERP, there will be a rise in the experiences of dealers. MunimJi ERP assures proper support for the building of a system that will help integrate the customers’ and dealers’ data within the ERP system so as to ensure no delay within the business processes and completed tasks on time.

WhatsApp Integration with ERP

It is one of the quickest and also widely used tools for communication within the business market of India. So, with the ERP and WhatsApp integration, one gets to have the business automation software with the quickest app for communication that will help create nothing but magic.

Benefits of the WhatsApp feature

  • Recipient (Customer/ Vendor) number connected automatically with ERP.
  • Unlimited messages with the use of WhatsApp web with all logs retained for identification in case of need.
  • Increased transparency in communication.
  • Messages can be sent for any of the transactions.
  • Business gets to have an encrypted security layer.
  • Reduced data duplication.
  • Tracking and message retention.
  • Not at all time consuming.
  • User-friendly.

Why MunimJi ERP?

MunimJi ERP-Garment Specialist software is India’s one of the quality garment manufacturing ERP providers offering the complete solution for Production, Accounting, Inventory & GST compliance. The name carries an expertise of over 30-years within the sector and provides features like- all-steps tracking, automatic handling of order, fully automated processes of industrial work, and much more. With the flexibility, better industry practices, and continued upgradation and inclusion of features that come with the brand name, Munimji ERP is a trusted choice for many. Munimji ERP can be used by small/medium/large garment manufacturers. It can be used on Cloud, where you can access it globally or on a desktop based server at a premise. Having so many years of expertise the software is widely used at various geographical locations across India such as Kolkata, Tiruppur, Ludhiana, Delhi, Kanpur, Ahmedabad etc.

So, if you are looking forward to the handling clients all across India reach out and get the best ERP solutions delivered on time.

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